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Annie Paquette

Anatole "Annie" Paquette (also known as "Annie" to all his fans and friends) is one of the most entertaining and talented frontmen to ever lead a band.

Starting out back in 1964 by singing and playing drums with the original "Annie and the Orphans", he and his bass-playin' pal, Bob McNab used to haul their band equipment around in an orange '55 Chevy Nomad. The Chevy, Bob and Annie are still rockin' to this day, the only difference being that Mr. Paquette now fronts the band with his warm personality and dynamic showmanship. Annie has entertained audiences from Maine to Florida and can be seem most of the time at venues around the Lakes Region including the M/S Mount Washington.

Bob McNabb

Bob "Big Mac" McNab has shared the stage with some of the best for over 40 years.

Bob McNab began playing trumpet in the high school band in 1963, but that ended, when in November of 1964, The Beatles appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show. Watching this, two things became apparent, #1) playing in a rock n roll band is fun, and #2) teenage girls seem to love rock n roll musicians. At the same time a childhood friend (Annie Paquette), had just started a band that had no bass player. Bob, convinced that since a bass had only four strings it must be 33% easier to play than a six string guitar, promptly bought one, and the rest is history!

Barry Nelson

Steve Giotas began playing drums in the 10th grade. He was basically self taught by playing to records in his friend’s basement. That led to jamming with friends and forming his first band, The Javas Miles Band. Since then, Steve has played in a number of different bands ranging from rock, jazz and show. Notables include Last Call, Brown Sugar (Sharon Jones), Animated String Section (ASS), Joe McDonald and Full Circle to name to few. As the newest member of The Orphans, Steve takes pride in being the “pulse”
for a band that plays timeless music with a bunch of great guys.

Peter Previte

Peter "WildMan" Previte has been entertaining folks for over 40 years with his unique keyboard style and vocals.

Mr. Previte has performed all types of music while residing in New Hampshire; Georgia; Texas; Massachusetts; Las Vegas; and Dublin, Ireland. Among the many bands that he has played with include: Golden Joe Baker, 'Elvis' Kelly, Dean Clark, Leon C. & Illusion, Freddie and the Maybellines and is presently starting his fourth year with Annie and the Orphans. Peter’s favorite instruments remain the piano and the Hammond organ and after seeing how he performs on stage, people aren’t surprised that he is called, "The WildMan".


Roy D'innocenzo brings over 40 years of musical experience to the band and holds a Bachelor of Music Education degree. He is a serious musician and Pro-level player.

His accomplishments include currently teaching guitar at Southern New Hampshire University and the Ted Herbert Music School. Roy readily incorporates the many styles of Classical, Folk, Jazz, Country, Rock and his specialty the Blues into his playing. He enjoys any opportunity to be creative and has played on several CD's for a number of professional bands. His versatility and abilities are an asset to the Orphans and his talent is obvious the moment you hear him.

Roy himself says, "Teaching and Gigs are all I do for a living, thus "Music is My Life".


Scottie “The Horn” Groleau

Scott was born and raised in Laconia, NH. He grew up among generations
of family musicians and was heavily influenced by his Uncle Lucian who
played saxophone with a passion. As a sophomore in high school, Scottie
started by playing the sax and joined a band call “Rat Patrol” along with
some of his football teammates.

After taking lessons and studying locally for a few more years, Scottie has
played with several Lake’s Region bands such as the Dynamics, KD Bell,
LA East Blues, Freddie Patridge’s Big City Nites and Unbroken Chain.
Most notably, Scottie has played with the Rusty Rockstar Roadshow for
over 15 years with leader, Vito Calamari. After returning from his tour
of duty with the US Army in Desert Storm, he had the honor of meeting
President George H. Bush at a Laconia fundraiser where Scottie was playing

Now playing sax for over 30 years, he occasionally has been “orphanized”,
performing at numerous special events, and most recently, flew with the
band to Gulfport, Mississippi for a wedding celebration.


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